Now everyone can have their own cryptocurrency

The story

Thanks to our Creator of Coins, cryptocurrency creation and management is simplified to extent in which everybody can be a participant of new Tokenomics movement, gather funds for their new favorite project, increase value of their coin, build a community around it, and very soon pay using his/her own coin in any store! We also prepare NFT that people & companies will be able to launch in the platform. CoinOn will be open and free for everybody, with no fees for Coins creation & management.

Our mission is to make cryptocurrencies creation available to everybody.

About Us
Yeah, we took it from unsplash for time being as we're remote based.

Why CoinOn

Safety, Reliability, Security

Most of people do not currently know how to create and manage a cryptocurrency. Doing it all alone may be a daunting task that requires certain specialization. It increases costs and may turn out to be insecure. There is also only a handful of companies or developers who create all of that behind closed doors. We feel like everyone deserves access to freedom and high level of independence provided by cryptocurrencies, therefore we strive to make it accessible to anyone.

Our values

Involve your community and come up with new ways to make money. Possibilites are endless. You decide so get creative!


We make sure our product is associated with honesty and exposure by making information accessible to everyone.


Our solutions designed to be accessible and bring value to a wide range of people regardless of their background and financial status.


We're continuously testing our assumptions and sharpening our knowledge so to stay prepared to face every new challenge.

Well-being of global community

We strive to build a healthy and payment vibrant environment for everybody.

Freedom of inquiry and expression

We cherish diversity of ideas and views among members of our community, with respect to all groups of people, minorities and representatives.


We celebrate collaboration across disciplines and perspectives. We value the contributions of all members of our community.