Game Publishers

Introduce real world economics into your games with minimum costs thanks to CoinOn software

Why would game publishers use CoinOn?

Automate in-game economics & sell your supplies faster - you can benefit from using CoinOn currencies to increase your in-game sales, and encourage players to hold the items, or trade them later for higher price that would be provided based on CoinOn’s fully configurable, deterministic algorithms.

Example integrations

Buy, Farm, Sell, Exchange

Set NPCs to use your coin to buy or exchange goods which will automatically affect prices in your game economics. Players can buy, farm, sell or exchange points with a deterministically preset but also fluctuating prices.

In-game events

An early bird event with a specific material worth 10e. Players can be given a supply of 200, with a possibility of price increase of that material based on an overall demand. Developing the solution in house would be up to 90% more expensive than using CoinOn.


Currencies value is dynamic meaning when a player tops up real money using your platform, you can utilize a simple webhook to add the player's points. His points value may be increasing or decreasing depending on the in-game world, NPCs & players buying and selling etc. This gives you a real world economics in your game out of the box.

Different pricing dynamics

Automatic prices adjustment when your players finish particular quest.

A sample Backpack system

You can make a simple API request to obtain all user’s items. Another integration possibilities include.

Any other integrations

Gifts for Game Anniversaries, Christmas, New Year, Easter etc., Achievements, Pets, Materials, Equipment, Skills.

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