At CoinOn we empower Creators and Communities in various ways. We help you to create your own Crypto Coin. Every day we work on many exciting features that bring Creators and Communities with new engagement opportunities. Check out our roadmap to see what we are currently working on.

Website upgrade

We want to provide you with a whole new, refreshed website containing a clear roadmap, more detailed information about the team and Frequently Asked Questions. We will be slowly rolling out new Use Cases and more information on the website.

App Launch

We aim to launch a basic version of our Mobile App which will bring you many exciting cryptocurrency & tokens features. The app in the ALPHA version will feature a set of basic functionalities that will be expanded. It will be distributed out of official App Stores and to a limited number of participants.

NFTS Marketplace

Together with our partners we aim for introducing famous NFTs Marketplace to CoinOn Platform! You will be able to acquire them!

Webapp Launch

We will aim to bring you with access to your Creator Coins Wallet through our website on your laptop and smartphones (in case you do not want to download our App).


In cooperation with our current partners we will provide you with a payments opportunity inside of CoinOn platform.

Wallet integrations

We will aim to bring several wallet integrations with your favourite coins. This will let you to exchange your funds in an easier manner.

and more to come...