FAQ - CoinOn Introduction

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CoinOn Introduction

What is CoinOn?

CoinOn is a Cryptocurrency Coin & Token Creator aimed at assisting streamers, artists, Youtubers, TikTokers, brands, charities and many other creators in building their own digital economies! Tokens, NFTs, games and more!

CoinOn helps you to engage your community in many creative ways. It can help you to increase your public exposure, gather money for your project or simply build a community around your digital token.

What is the CoinOn Network?

CoinOn is a project of the CoinOn Network, a decentralized network that powers the vibrant and independent creator economies of blockchain with various blockchains like for example Bitcoin or Ethereum networks.

Who is CoinOn for?

CoinOn is a platform for any creator, streamer, artist, musician, gamer, celebrity, athlete or celebrity who wants to engage and reward their followers. It’s also for all the fans and communities of these creators.

Why do I need a Coin Creator?

Thanks to our Coin Creator, cryptocurrency creation and management is simplified to extent in which everybody can be a participant of new Tokenomics movement, gather funds for their new favorite project, increase value of their coin, build a community around it, and very soon pay using his/her own coin at any place all around the world.

We also prepare an NFT that people & companies will be able to launch on the platform. CoinOn will be open and free for everybody, with no fees for Coins creation & management.

Does CoinOn have its own token?

Yes, CoinOn Platform has its own $COINON - an ERC20 Standard Compatible Token that allows for key governance decisions regarding platform features to be exercises for Token holders. Please check “What is $COINON?” section for more information.

What is $COINON?

$COINON is the governance token for the CoinOn Network, meaning that $COINON holders can vote on network-level proposals and policies. The token can be bridged from the Ethereum mainnet network to the CoinOn sidechain since it’s an ERC20 token.

Why does CoinOn exist?

CoinOn is here in order to empower Creators with the ability to launch and build their own digital economies, independent from any specific, centralized platform, thus allowing them to connect and engage with their fans or the communities built around by the Creators.

What word best describes CoinOn?

Community. We strive to empower communities, fans & creators. CoinOn is driven by the power and strength of that relationship between creators and their communities. We help creators to enlarge their community by offering most modern technological solutions to build their digital economies.

How is CoinOn different from other, similar platforms?

Created for Creators & their Communities. We aim at building a truly decentralized network for creators and their communities. By supporting & expanding decentralization we want to empower communities to make key decisions instead of the company. In traditional companies, key decisions are made behind closed doors by some corporate people. Community has no say over what and how it is introduced. We want to change that by creating a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) model as we progress, with key decisions made by the community, for the community.

Secure and solid: Founded by top talent from across the industry, who spent 10+ years and lot’s of their private funds for building various community engagement platforms, from movies & anime to games. We gained expertise to build the platform and to make the most advanced and robust security infrastructure for Creators and their Communities.

Easy and rewarding: No cryptocurrency knowledge is required to create coins & tokens, buy and sell them, or obtain special rewards. Fans can buy Coins & Tokens within minutes using their preferred, convenient method of payment. Users can gain exclusive access and benefits from their creators.

No crazy high fees: Unlike competing platforms, there are no platform fees to operate your Coin & Token on CoinOn. We do not take insanely high fees from buy & sell operations. We don’t need it, thanks to optimized operations. We aim at taking a community over company approach.

If CoinOn takes zero fees, how does CoinOn make money?

CoinOn is built from the ground up for creators and their communities. We aim at creating a unique and powerful set of tools to empower communities. We do not need to charge transaction fees because of the decentralized nature and scalability of solutions built by our team. This means that the cost of a high volume of transactions on the platform is relatively low, and we do not need to charge for them in order to maintain the platform. The original founders and investors in the project will hold rights to $COINON tokens that are subject to vesting and lockups.